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Free Racks from PerforModule

Composer Animus Invidious has shared a wealth of custom devices for Ableton Live 9 via the PerforModule series. PerforModule devices include practical and more experimental effects, and range from one-knob "instant"-style trigger effects to more subtle and complex multi-effects.

Talking about Melody

This tutorials shows a different way of how to capture melodies, how to make them sound better in their tracks. Introduce a concept outside the box how to make your melody.

How To Structure A Track

One of the most common issues new producers having, is turning that 8 bar loop they made into a full-fledged song. You've spent hours crafting a funky groove, you can't stop bobbing your head to it, and all your friends assure you that it's easily the greatest sounding bit of audio (all 2.3 seconds of it) they've ever heard. So, how do you take this little bit of an idea, and turn it into something that people will want to listen to over and over again?

Subtractive Structuring in Ableton Live

Do you ever get stuck in going from a good loop in Session View to a full track in Arrangement View
Have you ever tried all ways to organize, reorganize, most can not align their ideas on the computer screen?