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Processing of Vocals Using Melodyne and Ableton Live 8

This is an exceptional plugin that is very useful for countless creative/remixy/sound-designy reasons as well as being a great practical workhorse pitch corrector. 

Melodyne is quite rightly a big name in the world of music production. The creator is a genius for following through on a wish that so many producers must have had for a long time. The big deal about Melodyne is that you can manipulate complex polyphonic material as if it were a MIDI track. 

Live Streaming Workshop w/ DJ Sasha and Your New Realese - Involver 3

On Wednesday March 6th Dubspot hosted a live streaming workshop with legendary DJ/producer Sasha, who shared techniques for performing and producing with Ableton Live in support of his latest album Involver 3, scheduled for release March 18th on the Ministry Of Sound imprint.

Maxxi Soundsystem Bass Style in Operator

Maxxi Soundsystem is cleaning up at the moment. Here, Tom Lonsborough our Ableton Live tutor talks you through how to make a deep filtered bass sound using Live's Analog device from scratch a la Maxxi. 

Convolution Reverb in Ableton Live 9 Suite

Convolution Reverb in Ableton Live 9 Suite

In audio signal processing, convolution reverb is a process used for digitally simulating the reverberation of a physical or virtual space. It is based on the mathematical convolution operation, and uses a pre-recorded audio sample of the impulse response of the space being modeled. To apply the reverberation effect, the impulse-response recording is first stored in a digital signal-processing system. This is then convolved with the incoming audio signal to be processed. The process of convolution multiplies each sample of the audio to be processed (reverberated) with the samples in the impulse response file.