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Working with Groups in Ableton Live

Just showing the usefulness of groups inside ableton 8!
Also, a little bit on maximizing volume!

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How to produce Nu-Disco Boogie Funk

Great Tutorial about making a Nu-disco Track.

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Acapella Transtion for DJ sets or Productions - 2 Videos



Making a transition to spice up you mixtapes and DJ sets!!
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Using Chorus Effect To Create Textures

In this Ableton Live Tutorial we take a look at Chorus and how it can add texture to sounds or thicken them up. This is the fourth effect we have looked at in our free Ableton Live Audio Effects tutorial series.

The Chorus device is capable of everything from subtle thickening to wild effects thanks to additional parameters add by the developers at Ableton. Chorus pushes sounds back in the mix so isn't necessarily ideal for lead sounds in a track but great results can be achieved on pads, reverb builds and any other sound that you might want to stereo widen and modulate.

In this Ableton Tutorial we look at using the Chorus to add movement to a pad and also to create a rising texture during a reverb build.

Twisted Vocal Effects - Free Custom Rack DL

In this tutorial Danny J Lewis shows you how to to twist up a vocal using a custom Ableton Live Effects Rack controlled by Native Instruments' Maschine.

Download the custom FX rack from this tutorial for free here

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